A Look At STEMGeeks Tribe | Data on tokens issued, staked, top earners, activity

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STEMGeeks is a project run by @themarkymark. For those who don’t know STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It’s a geeky thing 😊. The owner has explained a multiple times that the tribe is more oriented towards the techy subjects, as computers, phones, gadgets and not as much towards the hard core science.

The project has been around for a while now, more than two years. In this period the tokens distribution take place, distributing it to authors, curators and miner owners. There have been some heavy burns of the team tokens as well, constraining the overall supply.

In the recent period the token have seen some price action due to announcement of game development and further increase of the token use cases.


Here we will be looking at the following:

  • Issued STEM Tokens
  • Burned STEM Tokens
  • Top STEM Earners
  • Share of tokens staked
  • Posting activity on the platform
  • Posting from LeoFinance.io interface
  • Price

The period that we will be looking at is April 2020 till August 15, 2021.
This is when the token transitioned to Hive. It has been active before that but we will be looking only at Hive data.

Issued STEM Tokens

Let’s take a look into token issuance and how it is distributed over time.

Below is a chart that represents the cumulative issued STEM tokens.


Starting from April 2020, there was almost 3.5M tokens issued and at the moment there is just above 5M tokens issued. We can see some bumps in the amount of tokens issued, these are usually some team tokens batches.

The chart above is only for issued tokens, not the actual supply. The STEM token has gone trough quite a lot of burning and we will see that bellow.

Let’s take a look at the number of tokens issued per day in the last 30 days. Here is the chart.


On average there is 2.2k tokens issued daily in the last 30 days. This will be around 66k monthly or 792k tokens per year. Note that these are issued tokens and a lot of them are burned.

Burned STEM Tokens

As already mentioned STEM is heavy on the burns. There is a 50% penalty for not posting using the STEMGEEKS frontend. This is probably the highest penalty that a tribe! This combined with the heavy moderation that the owner is know for 😊, makes the token distribution to end only in the ones that deserve it.

Here is the chart for the all time burns.


As we can see around February 2021, there has been some heavy burns, mostly on the team tokens. Almost 2M tokens were burned in that period.

In total there is 2.4M STEM tokens burned out of the 5.1M total supply, leaving the token with 2.7M in circulation.

In the last months, the burns are small an are somewhere around 4k to 5k per week. Here is the chart.


As mentioned there is around 4k to 5k weekly tokens burned, that out of the approximate 15k weekly issued, means that on average around 30% of the newly issued tokens are burnt. The @STEMGeeks account is running a weekly report on tokens burnt.

STEM Overall Supply

When we plot the issued and burned tokens, we get this.


We can see clearly here the impact of the STEM burns. Almost half of the supply (47%) has been burnt, and the new supply gets a 30% reduction.

Here is the pie.


As already said only 53% of the STEM tokens are in circulation with some heavy burns in the past. The STEM token has quite a limited supply.

Top STEM Earners

Let’s see how the tokens were distributed.
Below is the chart of the top STEM earners in the last 30 days.


The official tribe account @stemcuration is on the top here, but that account is basically burning all of its rewards, meaning that on the top will be the @yggdrasil.laguna that has an effective STEM power of 120k STEM.

The @brofund and @abh1234.stem comes next, both with heavy STEM stake, more than 100k.

What is interesting is that the top accounts make almost 3k per month, that is not a lot of tokens. The accounts on the bottom of the list are around 600 tokens per month.

Staking STEM

The pie for the staked STEM.


Almost 80% of the tokens are staked, making the supply of the token even more constrained. With this limited supply the volatility of the token is quite high as there is not a lot of tokens on the market.

Activities on STEMGeeks

Below is a chart of the STEMGeeks activities with the numbers of posts from the STEMGeeks interface and posts with the tags.


The lighter yellow are the posts from the stemgeeks.net interface and the rest are with the approved tags.

Overall a steady number of posts in the past with some average around 50 posts per day.

The stemgeeks frontend peaks up posts with tags like #stemgeeks, #stem, #technology, #science etc.

As we can see most of the posts are tagged. A very small number of posts are made directly using the project frontend. With the price increase and the 50% penalty, this might change soon 😊.


All time STEM price

Here is the price chart in HIVE value with average price for better visibility.


The above is an average daily price. Its not quite the all time STEM price, but just the period since the project is on Hive.

Quite a ride for the token price. Starting from under 0.05 HIVE per token and remains there until October 2020, when it starts to increase a lot, reaching 0.3 HIVE. A slow decline afterwards, up until May 2021 when we can see some spikes and price movement again. And then in the last period almost a vertical line for the price.

A closer look at the last 30 days and we have this.


A price action from 0.03 to 0.3 HIVE in the last period. We can see a huge daily candles, meaning a huge spread between the bid and the ask. The low liquidity and the volatility remains. It will be interesting to see where the token price goes from here, as we see an actual development and new use cases implementations.

All the best


Glad that, I got a good chunk, delegated now to @brofund since I am not actively curating.

Fantastic post on STEM, thanks so much @dalz.
If anyone has any questions about STEM or STEMGeeks, feel free to ask.

What is the return on miners STEMM and how much are needed to have acceptable variance in the rewards?

Last I checked miners were around 2 years. The variance isn’t as bad as it is the older contract, the newer tribes use a new contract that has some really funky distribution where you can go days without payout.

Last I checked miners were around 2 years.

So 50% ROI? Or you're talking about how long they have existed.

2-3 year break-even.

I have had 5 STEMM staked for over 5 months and have never "mined" a thing. Not even a fraction. I wasn't expecting to get rich but....I thought owning the miners was supposed to generate some sort of a return. I see below you say breakeven should be around 2 years. Since the miners cost 20 Hive each, that would imply I should have around 20 Hive worth of STEM by now, right? Or am I doing something wrong...

Yes, I was doing something wrong. I was looking in H-E for the payouts and they don't show up there. They DO, however, show up in the STEM front-end wallet. Sorry for the error.....

Is that a tool I can use somewhere? Or is that just for you behind the scenes?

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My tool found here


Awesome! Thank you! Of course I already have it bookmarked... lol Just can't remember what half my bookmarks actually do. Thanks again!

Looking forward for what's to come.

Best Tokenomics


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Do you have any specific links on the game being developed?

Informative :D

Sweet. Thanks!

I have a good amount, the tokenomics works and I can see it being worth a lot.

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Hold tight :)

Hi @dalz
Such a great post about stemgeeks and you explained everything about it with various stats. Thanks for sharing this awesome post. Reblogged.

Didn't know about the 50% loss from not posting from the front end. Makes sense why it is so hard to earn lol as I occasionally post a technology post, but had no idea what STEM actually stood for. Very informative post and thanks for this.

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honestly i am really surprise with the rate at which the stem is really growing. now we can say stem and pob are now at per which is a bit ok. with the new bullish price in term of stem people might likely wan to be keeping their stem.

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