Apple introduces 117 new emojis with iOS 14.2

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The public release of iOS 14.2 is finally available.

The new update brings many new features, one of the most exciting of which is over 100 new emojis!

Emojis are a one of a kind universal language. The evolution of textual communication started in 1999 when the first emoji was created by Shigetaka Kurita. I’m not sure he knew just how important his then 12x12 creation would become.

Since then the library of possibilities have increased constantly. For example there are now 3,292 total emojis in the selection that Apple provides. It is very easy to carry on entire conversations with emojis alone. This makes communicating across language barriers fairly simple these days.

Add in the fact that back in September iOS 14 introduced the new ability to search for emojis by word and things just became even more painless for everyone. Gone are the days of memorizing where individual emojis were on a long list. You now can replace each word in a sentence with a tiny little image that explains exactly what you mean just by typing in that word.

It really is quite outstanding how rudimentary writing has become. Imagine children of the future writing their first essay with emojis alone. Weird to think about, but 20 years from now that will surely be a possibility.

Most of us are here now to enjoy the simplicity and fun factor that enjoys provide. That’s why we can celebrate today as the long list of new emojis is finally available.

Here is every new emoji released with iOS 14.2:

Keep in kind that you won’t be able to see these new emojis when they are typed out unless you have updated to iOS 14.2. Otherwise they will show up as squared question marks. Here is a test for you: 🥷🫐🦣🦬🫀

Some of my personal favorites from the new emoji list:









Anatomical Heart


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If you’re curious to know everything else that was added with iOS 14.2, then check out this video by EverythingApplePro:


Yet no cannabis emoji

A sad sad day.
I'm working on a new WeedCash video this weekend 😉

Nice, I also noticed you back in on WC.