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RE: Learning Python: Episode 2

in STEMGeeks9 months ago

What app or webpage are you using?


It's called SoloLearn you should try it! You can learn so many different programming languages for free it's amazing!

Ah, I have already tried that :D
I used a youtube video for a 6 hours course. Got pretty far, but never finished it xD

Yeah I'm determined to not be lazy and actually do this. I've been trying to do this for 2 years lol. Jobs are going to be obnoxious in the near future so I'm trying to position myself better and be able to find more opportunities.

I get it.
I want to learn it but not really. It was just a quick interest xD
I might do it in the future, but now I need to focus on build my own business as a Financial Life Coach first :D

But ye ubderstandable