Moments of coastal community activity

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As we know, coastal communities are groups of people who live together in coastal areas, forming and having a distinctive culture that is related to dependence on resource use and the coastal environment.

MacQueen et al. (2001) concluded that there are five elements in a society, namely:
a) Location as a geographical entity;
b) Common interests;
c) Collective action based on identity coherence; d) social ties or social cohesion;
and e) have diversity.
Based on their characteristics, communities in coastal areas and small islands are divided into three, namely customary law communities, local communities, and traditional communities as stated in the Law of the Republic of Indonesia in Article 1 of Law No. 27/2007 jo. UU no. 1/2014 concerning Management of Coastal Areas and Small Islands.

Public knowledge is generally obtained from the inheritance of their parents or predecessors based on empirical experiences. Strong local knowledge is one of the reasons for the survival of fishermen. For example, fishermen use a rope with a weighted stone to determine the direction and strength of the current flow as well as the depth of the sea.

They also use other natural signs such as constellations and water conditions. In marine tribes, the concept of bandage is known, namely the condition of sea water at low tide or low tide when the sea water is red and calm. They believe in this condition a lot of fish. But in deep water conditions and reddish green color, the fishermen believe that there are many big fish roaming. Meanwhile, if there are many water caterpillars or tails, it is believed that there are not many fish.

poetry was born from recording fishermen's activities

At the bamboo house
on the beach
White bubble

Chasing the waves
Dad goes to sea in the morning
Looking for business in the area

O our hero father
Come home soon, mother and sister waiting
Don't be sad, my love
Go home with fish

O my mother, don't be sad
Make sure to go home, father
Come back home
Our prayers for your father are accompanied

Come home soon, dear father
Even though dad didn't return sadly, we were brave
Oh my dear father, you are a hero who did not return to high-level assignments
Martyrs to death.

Photo caption, fishermen pulling trawl by the beach. trawl nets are traditional environmental friendly fishing gear.



Tower of Lights Beacon a land marker for fishermen



Fishing boats just came home and landed, fishermen here park their boats on land.



Fishermen bring home the fish they have caught for a full day at sea.







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Is this some sort of anthropology take on things?