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RE: Python Libraries: Those Follower Non-Recipients, Such Disrespect, The Shame of it!

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Hmmm do you follow me? I can't tell, you're right?! I've been following you for ages tho


I don't believe I do, and as nobody else has asked.., I may as well run this for your account.


Hi Sirrr... just checking in with you. Hope you are well my friend. I am trying to get back into Hive after taking a long time off. I would love some insight in how other hivers make it to the top and earn high reputation. That's one of my hive goals as well as making a network of friends I can leverage to explore business ventures together.

There's two ways, one is to buy a lot of HIVE, power it up.. that will get you attention, but unfortunately the wrong type. The other way is easy... be different.

Look at what I do and what @meesterboom writes. There's a reason why we do well, and it's down to those two words.

Yea true I sold over 100k Hive to pay health bills. That's how I got a lot of followers before hahaha

I got an idea. If I buy 2k Hive in the next week will you follow me and also if I get to 10k hive will you auto follow vote trail me? whatever you call it? I will do the same with the vote trail ;) I'm a nice guy, just looking to earn some trusted auto votes to increase my blog. Check it out I try to put some effort in my post and not spam. Nice meeting you by the way my name is Andrew

I have some work to do. How can I earn your respected follow sir