Why are women so jealous of each other?

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If you find your wife terribly jealous of your co-worker, Miss Samar, don't be angry, this is the cavewoman's whisper in her ears !!!.

In general, the amount of envy and malice among women is very large compared to that among men. The mutual accusations of snatching men, selfishness and jealousy you hear every day in homes, fields and factories. How many times has a respectable lady told me that her job with men is better, and that the same friendship with one man is a hundred times better than a friendship with a woman.

The question here is why?

Scientists from the University of Bern in Switzerland reached a psychological study published in the journal Biology Letters, the results of which were very surprising, which noted that women during the ovulation period are more intense in criticizing each other, and reach their peak when the two women are ovulating. And they noticed that the women had their impressions of many women who were ovulating, that they were ( coquetry) spoil , or that they could be the snatching of men, or they said that they were not comfortable with it. The study concluded that with the increase in the estrogen hormone, the degree of envy and jealousy among women increases.

Evolutionary psychology believes that the relationship between women’s hormones and their primitive response to those they consider a threat stems from the idea of ​​competition.

A woman cannot bear the idea of ​​another woman lounging outside her cave, especially if she is biologically ready to reproduce, and the woman sees any other woman walking beside her, especially during the period of ovulation, as a threat to her, and her chance of reproduction may be lost.

Men do not have the same fears because he is able to easily compensate for his sexual investment (sperm) compared to the loss of a cell egg, the time needed to produce another, and a limited number.

The predominance of the cavewoman over the woman's mind always makes the other woman a constant threat, even with the progress of time and the medical developments that have brought with it.


It is very tricky to study human behaviour! Lol , but there are lot things that are not specific to a person, but to the whole human species.


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