Dead horse theory

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There is a simple Indian wisdom that says "When you find out that the horse you are riding has died, the best strategy is to dismount."

The strange thing is that I personally and many people missed this idea, and we continued, according to the English expression, flogging the dead horse, and we made great efforts to make the horse run, but to no avail.

In my contemplations, I have often noticed attempts to flog the dead horse in marital and family relations with children: with kindness once, with punishment once, with incentives once, with guidance and advice once, and with violence again until you discover that everything you do is just a waste of time.

In the same way, the horse is flogged in governments, schools and companies, but the methods of flogging here call for laughter and contemplation at the same time.

Dead Horse Skin in Enterprise consists of a whole host of flowery strategies developed for beating the dead horse:

Buy a stronger whip: tie wages to performance, and severely punish troublemakers.

Hire more knights: Hire other people with a higher salary to do the same job. Hoping a different person could resurrect the dead horse and get it running again.

Create special committees to study a dead horse - or hire an army of consultants to conduct in-depth analysis because a horse cannot die.

Organizing visits to other organizations and countries to understand how foreign cultures manage their dead horses.
Helping another dead horse, hoping that a dead horse will help another dead horse.

Create a productivity study and see if lighter riders can improve a dead horse's performance.

Promote dead horses to supervisory positions to manage other horses.

Conclusion: The horse died and there is no benefit and
It's time to get a new horse.


what makes you believe that the horse is dead? I think, there should be a way to evaluate that the horse is dead. for example, when the company hires a new knight, it could be the reason the previous one was inept and it does not mean the horse is dead. sometimes giving up is not an option.
once I marked this cliche to a person who was stating the problems of his country. It was a blunder of me to state this quote. No one would ever give up on his country. no matter how bad the situation is.
so it happens. need to check the horse, whether it is really dead or not.

In this case, the dead horse isn't the country itself, but societies ideas of how to govern the country. The same old dead ideas won't work no matter how long we keep beating them. We need new ideas, fresh ideas, and then, maybe, we can ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after....

Right my friend

But it is already dead, as a political system, for example