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Hey everyone. I have been racking my brain as to what new business to start as times are rough as we all know in the crypto space but my other business poultry too.

Whats going to be the food of the future I got asking myself? Bugs believe it or not.. so off to the pet-store I went.


Whilst purchasing some meal worms to begin my next endeavor I stumbled across these magnificent Terrariums.


Pet stores these days really so stock a host of incredible products. Here a self sustaining ecosystem which basically lasts forever, just add light. Sheer brilliance.



Nature the incredible.

I trust you have a wonderful week.
Love, light and blessings.


Check out this YouTube channel, serpa design-this guy does amazing terrarium projects, with little pumps and waterfalls...and even videos with ponds and reptiles and whatnot-top notch work.

You will not be let down

Will do thanks a ton

 8 months ago 

Ugh on the bugs.

But neat terrariums you got there.

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Bugs rock haha.. Cheer$;)

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Sweet much appreciated. Cheer$;)

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You are too kind thanks a mil.. Cheer$;)

Those will be perfect for the birthdays coming up. Can you deliver your terrarium presents in person please? I know you have that spare change to spend 😎