Coiotes Curator's Daily Report | STEMGeeks 07/02/20 🚀

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02 of July

A project dedicated to everyone in the STEMGeeks family.

created by @coyotelation

1coy stem.png

This curation project has the function of increasing visibility and rewarding authors who are sometimes not visible to the whole community. It is a work created by me @coyotelation and through the Coiotes Project, it is working to make all of this happen in a satisfactory way.

To encourage the creation of more content for STEMGeeks, one of the selected authors received 1 STEM. It is not much, but it is a symbolic reward. The reward value may increase if my account grows further. All posts were voted on by the Coiotes curator manually.

I want to make it clear that it is a personal initiative. I hope that with this initiative, I can motivate more members of the STEMGeeks family to continue their journey here.

1coy stem.png

Authors with their chosen posts

1coy stem.png


There will be no draw, because each day there will be a chosen post. The reward remains at 1 STEM. The sending memo will be Coiotes Project. If you are viewing this post, the award has already been sent.

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coy stem.png

1 STEM token was sent


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thank you @coyotelation STEMGeeks

Thank you and continue with your great content.

Thanks for the nomination, I hope to win someday.