The Philosophy of the Antimatter

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Across the time, many questions arise, to understand the complex thing that is quite what surrounds us, the new physical discoveries were agreeing in a finished and definitive theory on the universe, but whenever it is advanced, new unknowns arise, on this subject-matter, we know very little about him and the science strains in discovering a little more every day. The cause takes root in a property of the matter so-called entropy, which describes the level of disorder of the particles in the universe, with it is a question of looking for piece of news source of knowledge, with her new alternatives of energy, it is a fact that there exists more matter than his opposite one, like the antimatter.

The antimatter.
It is an integrated matter, for particles with electrical load opposite to the normal one; thinking that there corresponds to him an antiparticle that possesses the same mass, antiproton, antielectron, they are those who integrate an atom of antimatter.


In what it is discussed, according to the cosmic theory, in the universe there are present equal quantities of matters and locked up antimatters, in distant zones between yes. What served as source to sustain, where a matter and an antimatter contact, them cause the destruction of both, that is to say that a transformation would happen where the matter would turn into energy, which it causes, which the matter that it eliminates transforms into radiation gamma.

The antimatter was discovered in 1932, for the North American physicist Carl Anderson, it observed and photographed a positron. Finding the antimatter like that.



Equation dirac rewisor

Since the theory of the antimatter was established, thank you of the contribution of that of the Relativity of Einstein, the Quantum Theory of the matter of Schrödinger and Heisenberg; the fusionde this theory they served as base, as the mathematical and physical theory, determining the behavior of the electrons in the atom, work realized by Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (1929); it served as much, giving many affirmation to possible solutions to the existence of this elements.

¿How source of energy?
Some of those of major challenges, it would be the technological barriers, to initiate the development and handling of the antimatter, I mention to them, that departing from the process of annihilation of matter and antimatter it generates a brutal quantity of energy (radiation of gamma), it is considered to be more effective, that the energy was producing, in a nuclear way of merger and fission, also this type of energy when it takes place, it does not leave residues, giving him more credibility.

Taking in account, already experienced and verified, by means of simulation, to generate antimatter, and his high cost of producing it, it is a question to achieve the stable and sure storage of the antimatter. That's why new unknowns are born in the application of the sciences.

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Really at present the antimatter is used. The principal application of the antimatter is the Scanner for Emission Positrons (PET, Positron Emission Tomography).

I explain it to him of the following way, the radiation of expressed gamma, for this reaction, it makes possible that it serves us to locate tumor textiles in the body. It is one of advance of medicine applying this skill, his application is waited by the time, of the following way the destruction of cancerous textiles by means of antiprotons, it is only of waiting if it is feasible in therapeutic form.

On the other hand it can be used like combustible. Source of energy cleans.

All the scope of the humanity is fascinating, for progress the quality of life applying the science, with this I say to them slightly curiously, it is not known, how the antiparticles behave in the gravitational field. It is a key of the theory of the relativity.


Labororatorio pioneering alpha in the development of antimatter

¿Towards where do we go?
I depart from the following philosophy, it is not easy to speak about energy, as for the diversity of producing it, or of generating it, but also, matter must exist great more in the universe of the one that is seen to simple sight, so much as the cosmos and the universe as everything, it has his mystery, a part was based, according to the theory of the Big Bang, created to him the same quantity of matter that of antimatter, it might say that it might, are galaxies of antimatter, for the emission of radiation gamma, it might be a possible cloud of antimatter, but in our reality already we her simulate and apply, the mass, the load, the angular moment and the magnetic moment of these elements.

It shuts many puzzlers up still without resolving, but the most fascinating of all it rests in explaining why it does not exist in a natural way, but if I am clear that it was verified in 2006, thank you satellites Wide-brimmed straw hat, the antiprotons were discovered. Thinking that there are limitations that defy the laws of physics, the universe, but thanks to his studies, they have served as development for humanity.

“ only let's look you were doing it covers them with stars, to see that new contribution will give to the humanity ”

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