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RE: Building a new Ryzen 7 rig

in STEMGeeks7 months ago

Nice little rig! That is the one thing I do miss is getting to play with the hardware and then watch it just earn me money. But... I choose van life and fine running nodes, staking, defi, and of course HIVE


Hehe yeah mining is awesome, I have been doing it for almost 10 years and always a good feeling to make those GPUs/CPUs earn you money.

Nice, I stake too and its quite a nice income source.

I have tried to come up with different ways to mine in the van, but it wouldn’t really be worth it, lol. Especially where I live… Not exactly the best sun exposure to use solar power. I used to have GPU rigs and ASICS. Sold everything back in the summer except for some older GPUs and 10x’d my original investment, easily. Took the kids for a cross country road trip vacation, it was awesome!

Yeah trying to mine on solar you really need a stationary setup with dozens of panels and batteries.

Oh thats cool you owned ASICS, I never got into them. I almost bought one back in 2015ish from Avalon but they raised the price so much after the first rig I was turned off. Glad you came out ahead and could take your family out on a trip with the money.