Python Education Completed!

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I finally finished the formal education piece for Python! There is so much more to learn and understand but the formal training material is done!


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Slithering Forward

I’m excited to finally complete the formal education piece of Python. There were a lot of things I was looking up and getting assistance on but that’s what I think is par for the course for learning something new, especially for me since I am not a programmer by skill set. I am good with computers but coding wasn’t something that came easy to me. I think like anything though, with dedication and determination you can do whatever you want.

I set a goal to finish it by the end of January so I’m glad that I finished it a month ahead of schedule! There are definitely things I need to really figure out the ins and outs for and I will be spending a lot of time trying to figure out free things to help me in the coding process. If you have any tips of ways to help increase exposure to coding i am definitely open to suggestions!


The next language I am going to work on learning is JSon which will come later on. I think I will set it as a goal to complete the material in the month of February. I want to spend January trying to get my feet soaking wet with doing some type of coding with Python. There are huge markets for Python coding in AI and healthcare so it would be great to capitalize on that! I was hoping to write a simple basic game and when I was looking it up earlier it was feasible I just need to get used to the Python program versus the training software.

What other languages do you think it would be helpful to familiarize myself with? I tried C++ and it was awful. Too granular in my opinion so even though things depend on it, I want to focus time on doing some of the easier languages since it’s doable but not a natural talent of mine.

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Well done! I've found if I don't use what I've learned, it tends to fade away. So I've tried to use Python3 as much as possible in my raspberry pi projects. It has really helped to 'cement' some of the concepts for me!

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Thanks, yeah for sure. I'm hoping to find plenty of use cases for it so I can learn and keep my skills sharp.

Congrats with your Python achievement and wish a lot of success with the next one, JSON.

You mentioned you tried C++. I have not idea if this is gonna be a language used too much in the future, but ANSI C, C+ and later on C++ is used for many business-critical services which require reliability, stability and scalability at its heart. The internet companies may use different ways to create such business-critical services these days. When going into microservices, C++ may not be the default language, I don't know. I suggest to check what is used and what will be used in microservices design.

Thanks for the input! I know that within my company there are a significant amount of people that understand C++ because it's the structure of a lot of things like servers and all that but I don't know if I have the time to get into those types of things. I enjoy the things that I do but I'm more designed for between the underlying structure of things and the end user, if that makes any sense. I will eventually get into C++ when I get more experience but I don't want to start with the hardest language first. I would like to be able to get a foothold in coding before I go into really difficult code.

Understand where you coming from, and if thats they way you like to go about it, it shall be the way you go about it 😉😎🎶

Congratulations! I'm starting lo learn Python from 0. It seems to be a very useful language and easy to understand.

Compared to other languages that I have learnt , python is the best.

I learned it from 0 as well! What are you doing to learn it, if I may ask? I used the SoloLearn software, it was incredibly helpful and it's free for the basics! Highly recommend it! I would still like to hear how you are doing it though, it's always good to try as many as possible.

I started a course on a platform called Coursera, in that platform the instructor mentions to download and use Pycharm. Until now I've didn't written any code, just learning basic concepts. I have registered on another platform called Cisco but I can't start the course, seems to be failling their server.

I check the page and I found a lot of things, I don't know where to start in that page.

What other online course or page you recommend me to start? I don't know what its SoloLearn but I guess it must be something similar to Paycharm, thanks for the recommendation!

Pycharm is good. Once you complete the course , I recommend you to try Jupyter notebook which is by far the simplest to use and is absolutely amazing.

@cmplxty you might give it a try too now.

Awesome recommendation, thank you!


You are most welcome :)


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Thanks for the recommendation!

Most welcome

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SoloLearn is a great tool to learn and it’s free! It’s available to download for Apple and android devices, so give it a try if you can!


download for Apple and android devices

Interesting, thanks again for the info!

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Legend... you did it!!!

Thanks! It was time to get off my ass and get it done. Just need to figure out how to keep it going lol

yEAH, keep it going so we can hire you as Nat Med's dev.

Great. Congrats and JSON is amazing too :)

Thanks! Yes indeed, I think it will be helpful to know especially since I want to do things with hive and blockchain in the future!

Then json is a must but it is pretty easy compared to python .

If you want to do things related to second layer tokens on hive , json is the only way.

Awesome stuff! Python is a great language to learn with so many practical applications.

I agree about C++; a person needs to be a special kind of person to want to use that, but it certainly has it's place. It's a compiled language and, when used correctly, is super, super fast.

"golang," or just Go, is another good language to learn. That one is on my list for 2021.