What do you get when you divide by zero?

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Hi all!

This is mostly an introductory post but I'm going to throw some math into it to keep it on topic.

I'm an 56 year old Engineer (Environmental, Air Pollution focus) who does very little engineering or math any more. A bit of adding and subtracting.

I had been meaning to drop in and check out STEMGeeks for some time but having recently seen this post - https://leofinance.io/hive-167922/@stemgeeks/linear-rewards-live-on-stemgeeks-predicted-rewards-179-apr-math-included

I decided it is as good as time as any.

Anyway, I will likely post some content on Air Pollution, Climate Change, maybe the occasional math question.

Speaking of math questions here is today's.

What do you get when you divide by zero?

Back in the 80's when I was in school I was taught it was infinity.

Now I'm hearing that it is officially "undefined."

I suspect that has more to do with computers than it does with math.

What are your thoughts, and why?

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 14 days ago 

I was taught as "undefined".

It makes sense from a limit perspective that it's "infinity". But like you said, it's probably more about computations more so than anything.

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