Geometry : Creating photo realistic renders on Blender

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Geometry, my favorite when I was in school. And now thanks to CAD softwares I can understand by practice. Physics also had been made easier to understand through these CAD simulators.

These images where created by me using the free and open source software Blender.
I didn't get it right the first time, you can see my first render in the last frame, it had no dimensions or reference image whatsoever, I just did some guess work and some pretty destructive modelling.

This is my first set of photo-realistic images I have created and I have some designs I am currently working on.

Let me give a breakdown of how this 3D model design was created,
I got the dimensions and started with a cube, I drafted how I would go about this procedurally.

Looked at the references with scrutiny and then slowly I began till I finished. I used the mirror, bevel, boolean, weighted normals and subdivision modifiers.

The weighted normals helped me correct the mesh at some point because I had overstretched the mesh with many boolean operations while the subdivision modifier helped me smoothen out the mesh.

The white box with holes is the battery and the black metallic box is the inverter
Understanding a lot about hard surface modelling in the actual practice of it is blissful. These days I try work with large objects with more details to improve myself.

As they say, "once the mind is stretched, it can never return to it's previous position".

I didn't need to make any screw as blender already had a bolt factory.

The labels on the switch was a black and white image I created in Photoshop, I imported to Blender. Once I unwrapped the switch, I then textured it just like a real switch would appear in real life.

Having to create this made me understand materials in the real world,lool I was trying to make a realistic render I mean.

Materials in the real world do not have just one color or texture to them. Some were shiny and diffuse at the same time, some not entirely metallic, some had a certain refraction value.
Glass has about 1.350

But it was all cool because learning never ends.
And in the end my second design was better than the first.

Criticisms are welcomed in the comments section.

Blender can be used for a lot of creativity also, this is the generic part for me having to understand how to work with mesh. I am still exploring.
Stay tuned for more interesting content from me.

![Screenshot (305).png]()







![power bank.jpg]()

![power bank1.jpg]()

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May want to check your formatting. It’s a bit garbled.

how'd you mean ser

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Looking at your post on PeakD, I saw some dangling markdown stuff. Not a big deal though.

Oh... yes noted

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I think that working with CAD is a contemporary form of Art. And you seem pretty good at it! Keep it rocking!

thank you... I'll keep mastering the generic style till I decide whether to go stylized or choose a niche

Hard surface modeling in Blender is really difficult. This kind of output is already impressive.
You can do product concept or design with this.

Keep up the great work.


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