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RE: Python Libraries: Show DTube Abuser Rewards

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No, I was talking about for future stuff. Like if I wanted to try something of my own, I wouldn't even know how to get a list of accounts to look at short of manually making a list myself. At that point what is the point. I'm manually looking at each of the accounts anyway.


As I mentioned I take no pleasure in this, but if everyone does nothing HIVE will turn into a shitshow. We went through a load of accounts and picked off quite a few. Some have stopped doing it, while others think they have dropped off the radar and come back. They are very wrong.

Like if I wanted to try something of my own

It's tough to start with, you need an idea and then you can go from there. Something to save you time works well.

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I'd need to be able to pull a list to figure something like that out. Probably the opposite way of doing things, but I'd need to know I could pull whatever it requires.