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RE: Python Libraries: Show DTube Abuser Rewards

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I don't have a problem with people trying to make some money either, but you will notice most of those people actually interact. I think that is where a big part of the distinction is. This person just seems like straight up trash.


They might not even be people, rather unmonitored bot accounts... I hate spambots! Used to have to clean out hundreds a day on forums.

I think that is where a big part of the distinction is.

I have to agree @bozz. The one who posts 5 times a day..., ridiculous!

Where do you pull the list of users from? Does the program do that automatically or do you have to pull that ahead of time?

The list is in the abusers[] list. The one on GitHub is an empty list, whereas mine contains the users in the screen and more (if they don't have any pending rewards.).


Right, you said:

this script looks at a list of users.

so is that a list that you can just go out and download somewhere? I don't understand how that list was generated.

The list was hand picked by a bunch of us and fed to me, to create a master list. I don't want to publicly reveal it, but anyone on there... we feel is farming dtube simply for it's vote.

Ah, okay, so it was hand made. It's not something that you easily pulled from the chain. I got it.

We are not targeting everyone, just the ones taking the piss. It will likely be ongoing and the list will get longer over time.

No, I was talking about for future stuff. Like if I wanted to try something of my own, I wouldn't even know how to get a list of accounts to look at short of manually making a list myself. At that point what is the point. I'm manually looking at each of the accounts anyway.