Vaccine injury underreporting issues in the VAERS

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In 1990, VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) was established as a joint resource managed by the FDA and the CDC. It is not the only reporting system of its kind. At the very least, there is the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), an epidemiological tracking database maintained by the Military Health Service. One important difference between VAERS and DMED is that VAERS is open to reporting by public whereas DMED is only available to the personnel operating within the DoD's military system (and possibly its contractors). So DMED is clearly a valuable resource but we will only be focusing on the VAERS for the purpose of this article.

Since VAERS' founding underreporting in it was a concern. In 1997 the National Academy of Sceinces held a forum dedicated to addressing this problem. 10 years later, in 2007-2010 a study by the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care concluded that less than 1% of vaccine adverse effects were reported to VAERS.

Reasons for that are not clear. I would speculate they have to do with lacking correlation capabilities of many medical offices, interpersonal communication breakdowns, industry pressure and a number of other factors. But the findings, if anywhere close to accurate, were quite alarming, regardless of the cause.


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Numbers of case and death have drastically descreased recently in my country despite the undesirable vaccination rate since the beginning.

How come? A magic wand? It is clear that all is a lie.

These vaccines, if at all effective, offer some minimal protection for a few months, that's all.

Best I can tell, what happened was a natural progression of the disease: it went to a less virulent form as mutation usually progresses, those especially vulnerable died, and now it is no more dangerous than regular flu. That is hardly surprising.

I think it is mostly about summer season, it is ahead and tourism should be flourished.

So you mean they are gonna' ask the virus to take a couple months off and the virus is going to play along? 😀

You can do that with the mass media ;)

I have no doubt. Especially given the sort of nonsense Putin gets away with. :)


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