Tesla still needs gasoline for its operations

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Tesla service vehicle filling up at a petrol station somewhere in the US
Image: Facebook

The picture above shows a vehicle owned by Tesla, one of the world's leading EV manufacturer, to support those EV's out in the field. The service vehicle, however, is powered by gasoline. That is very telling of the state of the EV technology at this juncture. It is still novel, still experimental and not able to operate autonomously. Which, in this author's humble opinion, makes it unsuitable for being the predominant technology. And that, naturally, makes any attempts to mandate this technology even more unacceptable than they would have been otherwise.


I think EV will not be fully integrated in the world unless the oil reserve is consumed away.

I don't think it has much to do with oil. It has a lot more to do withthe fact that we are still not capable of properly recycling batteries to an EV and refueling one (i.e., recharging) often takes hours.

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