Nasal wash initiated within 24 hours of onset of symptoms can drastically decrease severe outcome in high risk COVID-19 patients

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According to a recent publication in the Ear, Nose & Throat Journal an Augusta University team has discovered that timely administration of nasal saline wash is a highly effective COVID treatment. The data yielded by the study suggested that the comparable patient cohort exhibited mortality levels 8 times that of the test group. That indicates that the administration of the saline wash can decrease the percentage of deaths resulting from the infection 8 times. That appears to be a far more robust protection than that offered by the COVID vaccines.


Simple Nasal Wash ‘Reduces COVID-19 Severity’ (archive)
Sanjeet Bagcchi, Eurasia Review, 3 October 2022

Rapid initiation of nasal saline irrigation to reduce severity in high-risk COVID+ outpatients
Amy L Baxter, MD, Kyle R Schwartz, MPH, Ryan W Johnson, MPH, MA, Ann-Marie Kuchinski, PhD, et al., Ear, Nose & Throat Journal, 25 August 2022

US COVID vaccines: their power fleeting, their usefulness limited
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I imagine that it would also decrease the communicability of a disease as the saline wash probably breaks up the virus.

I wish that the medical community spent more time investigating the treatment of COVID19 as I believe that this type of stuff would have reduced the impact of the pandemic.

At least one would know what they have and use for treatment rather than the vaccines that were privately produced.

Useful information about the treatment of Covid-19

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