Ionic drone makes maiden flight

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Ion Propulsion Drone Proves Its Commercial Viability
Undefined Technologies, 15 September 2022

In the video above Undefined Technologies showcases its ionic flow drone in its maiden flight. The technology is based on a stream of ions being channeled in a uniform direction thus creating a propulsion force.

This is not novel but it was previously thought of as an exclusively space technology. Here it is, being offered here on Earth. And while Undefined Technologies may be a bit overly optimistic in touting its tech as already commercially viable - after all, the flight was rather short - it is definitely worthy of attention and exploration.

It is impressive - and unprecedented - how fast technology now spreads from one arena to the next. And we may be on the cusp on the next technological revolution - at least in terms of the speed and scale of R&D.


Drone Startup Claims It Flew Its Ion-Propulsion Drone On 4.5-Minute Test Flight
BeauHD, Slashdot, 26 September 2022

Drone startup claims it flew its zero-emissions ion propulsion drone on 4.5-minute test flight
Chris Young, Interesting Engineering, 22 September 2022


I didn't know that drones can fly only short time. I believe the flight duration will be much more in the future.

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