24% of healthcare organisations questioned reported heightened patient mortality due to ransomware attacks

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According to a recent reports, almost a quarter of healthcare organisations surveyed reported that they had experienced hackers' attacks, specifically, ransomware attacks which had led to heightened mortality among their patients. Many of these organisations also report their IT resources as insufficient,

Personally, I'd say maintaining proper IT security stance is a major challenge in the healthcare environment, given low level of technical awareness and the sheer numbers of personnel, complexity of usage scenarios, etc. Hence I really wonder if some principally different solution - for example, blockchain - should come to the rescue. For one thing, the nearly incorruptible nature of blockchain as a historical record could be a true game changer when it comes to minimizing and mitigating the fallout of attacks centered around data corruption as well as data corruption in general.


A Quarter of Healthcare Orgs Say Ransomware Attacks Result In Patient Deaths
EditorDavid, Slashdot, 10 September 2022

Cyber Insecurity in Healthcare:
The Cost and Impact on Patient Safety
and Care


This is not a personal or a company, but health organizations. Their IT security should be as much strong as it can be againts ransomware attacks.

In theory, yes.
In practice - try to do that with people like nurses who sometimes resist to even having to remember their username and password.

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