Dream : My list of Curious Dream Facts

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Dreams have always been a curious and fascinating phenomenon.
Dreams are a series of images, events and feelings that happen in your mind while you are asleep.

These images and feelings are sometimes so real that in the dream one is not aware of the same being a dream. The Body and the mind believes it to be reality no matter how uncanny and unnatural the dream scenario is. While on the other hand, sometimes one is consciously aware of the dream throughout the dream.

According to sleepfoundation.org there are four stages of sleep :

Stage 1 : Non Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) Sleep also referred to as N1

Stage 2 : Non Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) Sleep also referred to as N2

Stage 3 : Non Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) Sleep also referred to as N3, Slow-Wave Sleep (SWS), Delta Sleep, Deep Sleep.

Stage 4 : Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep


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The study of dreams are called oneirology.
From ancient times people have tried to study and understand the source and meaning of dreams and still continue to do so. The ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia have left evidence of dream interpretation dating back to at least 3100 BC. The Indian text Upanishads, written between 900 and 500 BC, emphasizes two meanings of dreams. The first says that dreams are merely expressions of inner desires. The second is the belief of the soul leaving the body and being guided until awakened.

A decade ago a science fiction action film starring Leonardo DiCaprio titled, Inception was released. The plot of this film was about stealing sensitive information by infiltrating the subconscious minds of the target. Random FYI that is available about the film, “It won four Academy Awards (Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects) and was nominated for four more: Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Art Direction, and Best Original Score.”

After this film I was always thinking if I was awake or asleep and I wanted the totem (PS : My mother never bought me one). In a way it was kind of scary to imagine that what I think is the real life may actually turn out as a dream.

Even though studies continue, curious things keep on appearing about dreams.
Personally I have been very interested in dreams and study of the mind, though I did not select the same as a major in school and college.
I have spoken to a few people who have given me some curious feedback too.
The following are a list of few things I collated from my conversation with them :

  • Sometimes dreams are in black and white.


    Source: Unsplash

  • Sometimes dreams are mute like a silent movie yet the dreamer exactly know what the other person tries to say.


Source: Unsplash

  • Sometimes the dreamer does not exactly visualise the face of the person in his dream, yet is able to subconsciously recognise that person.


Source: Unsplash

  • Sometimes a dreamer who is prescribed with short sight lenses is unable to clearly see his dream as he believe that he is not wearing his lenses in sleep.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some people dream of unknown people who they have never encountered in life.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some dreams are so vivid that the dreamer remembers the dream very clearly.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some dreams are forgotten in a second while the dreamer thought he remembered it until the previous second.


Source: Unsplash

  • Sometimes short dream scenarios last over an hour while very long dream scenarios are done over 10 - 15 minutes.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some dreamers believe they get a glimpse of some in the future and when that future event actually happens they feel a sense of deja vu.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some dreams are in first person point of view.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some dreams are in a third person point of view, where you can see yourself in third person.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some dreams are based on games that you have been playing. A dreamer had been continuously been play Call of Duty and dreamt of the game scenario.


Source: Unsplash

  • While over stressed in work some dreams are about drawing a schedule in MS Excel or whatever the dreamer works in real life.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some times a dream occurs in parts like a movie though not on consecutive nights, yet the mind of the dreamer is able to tie the lose of of the part and make sense of the dream.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some dreams are influenced by the recent movies or series the dreamer was made available to.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some dreams are well ... wet exciting.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some dreams make absolutely no sense and feels like a waste of dream.


Source: Unsplash

  • Some times while having a good or pleasant dream, if the dreamer get conscious in the middle he can force himself back into the dream, though this is rare. (I have personally tried but failed many times).


Source: Unsplash

  • Some dreams are in layers where a dreamer has a dream within a dream.


Source: Unsplash

After my conversation and collation of this list I figured that most of these have occurred in my dreams too. While dreaming it feels so natural that we don’t stop and question these minute things. Yet when you stop and look back you realise that dreams are one of the most awesome and amazing phenomenon in life.

So what did you dream about yesterday???
Have you given it a thought???
Do you have a curious dream experience you want to share???


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Thank you 😁

Sometimes I dream quite weird but interesting stuff. I always try to remember it (but mostly fail) and next evening I try to memorize my last dream to be able to continue from where it had ended :)

That’s really interesting.
I have tried it but failed and I always end up getting a new dream.

Thank for your time reading my article.

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