$10 Billion Space Origami - James Webb Telescope [Live: 25.12.2021, 12:20 UTC]

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Arianespace is flying the James Webb Telescope to Langrange Point 2 (Lagrange Points - Sixty Symbols). It is often described as the successor to the Hubble telescope, but it detects infrared light instead of visible light. Because it is an infrared telescope, it needs to be as far away from the sun as possible, otherwise the sun's radiation would drown out everything else.

The James Webb Space Telescope Explained In 9 Minutes

The larger the telescope, the more light it can gather, the better the images it can produce. To get around spatial restrictions of rocket nosecone volumes, the JWST has been folded up for launch and will unpack over a period of 2 weeks. There need to be 50 separate movements and the process has 344 single points of failure (Launching the World’s Biggest Space Telescope). Hair raising complexity for an expensive tool deployed in space.

Fingers Crossed for the James Webb Space Telescope - Sixty Symbols

Check out animations of the single deployment steps: NASA

What is the first data from JWST we can expect to hear about:

The first data from the James Webb Space Telescope (ft. Dr Alex Cameron)

Launch mass is 6500kg. Minimum design life is 6 years.

Streams will start at different times before launch time:

Check your local time of launch at: www.timeanddate.com

Useful links to stay up to date on launches:

Spaceflightnow.com: Launch Schedule

Everyday Astronaut: Prelaunch Previews

Space News:

NASA Spaceflight nasaspacefight.com

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lol last night this homeless old man was watching James Webb telescope videos in an electric wheelchair in texas on https://ip2.network on JJ/goocheese/tommy's stream

its sad because the public thinks this is real or efficient

its more likely the government fails at every launch and just fakes all data, its cheaper to fake space data with cgi

we will only get real data about "space" simulation metaverse when we install decentralized observatories run from hive witness homes like telos Dstor

if they have nothing to hide, let us collect the space data ourselves from the earth first in a decentralized network of science blockchain labs, that use hive in every school.

Why wouldnt they want children learning hive and telos? huh?

I guess because all Americas School children will find @ackza 's blog and all my conspiracies lol info that frees them from thematrix

Google "NASA NFT" they have nasa and spacerforces nfts haha they shoudl sell NFTS of first images to peopel liek buying stars, so peopel can have memories and show how much they supported nasa weith ethereum which then gets sold to fund the project and new projects making NASA a spacex style for profit ventrue with Grimers and her NFT metaverse she can make NASA profitable maybe mroe so than SPacex with public sector space exploration UBI education on hive and telos science networks

As far as I remember, NASA images are public domain and they can't charge you for it, because the public already paid for it with taxes ;).

I guess they can do some kind of merch and sell that.

Evereybody does NFTs now. Funny to see and great for crypto. The more people get exposed to this madness the better :)

they arent charging for images. Since when is anyone buying images when they buy NFTs? Its about the ownership of the nft ....

no not merch.... telescope images as nfts like i said .....

and yeah theyd make new art out of the images with famous space artists etc .....