ULA Atlas V 541 - USSF-12 [Live: 01.07.2022, 22:00 UTC]

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Rocket Lab's CAPSTONE Update

Rocket Lab launched its first mission outisde of Earth's orbit just a few days ago. The "Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment" (CAPSTONE) mission is going better than expected and only one final injection burn is requred for the spacraft to enter its rectilinear halo orbit around the Moon.


The United Launch Alliance (ULA) is launching two satellites from Space Launch Complex 41, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida.
One for the U.S. Space Force Space Systems Command (SSC) and the other for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Combined payload mass is 4'100 kg.

Target is a geosynchronous orbit.

The Atlas V is flying in a 541 configuration: 5 meter diameter fairing, 4 solid rocket boosters and 1 Centaur second stage engine.

Scott Manley: How The Atlas Rocket Evolved Over 60 Years

Where to watch:

Check your local time of launch at: www.timeanddate.com

Take a Tour: Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida

Atlas History

Scott Manley: What Makes Lagrange Points Special Locations In Space

Useful links to stay up to date on launches:

Spaceflightnow.com: Launch Schedule

Nextspaceflight: Launches

Everyday Astronaut: Prelaunch Previews

Space News:

NASA Spaceflight nasaspaceflight.com

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I dont know much avout rockets! But thanks for bringing the topic!


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