ULA Atlas V 401 - Lucy [Live: 16.10.2021, 09:34 UTC]

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The United Launch Alliance (ULA) is launching a 1'500 kg satellite for NASA on journey to visit 7 Trojan astorids situated in Langange points 4 & 5 of Jupiter from Space Launch Complex 41, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida.

Mission Profile:

Lucy will perform two Earth gravity assits, which will raise its orbit to Jupiter's Lagrange point 4. It will reach it in 2027. Lucy will then perform another Earth gravity assist to reach Lagrange point 5 in 2033.


Mission Profile, Source: NASA

Scott Manley: How NASA's Lucy Mission Will Visit More Asteroids Than Any Other Spacecraft

Scott Manley: What Makes Lagrange Points Special Locations In Space

Mission Goal:

Learning about the formation of the solar system. The Trojan asteroids are thought to be made up of very old materials from the beginning of the formation of our Planets.

NASA mission FAQ

V 401:

The Atlas V is flying in a 421 configuration: 4 meter diameter fairing, 0 solid rocket boosters and 1 Centaur second stage engine.

The 45th Weather Squadron predicts weather conditions on launch day at 90% go.

Where to watch:

Check your local time of launch at: www.timeanddate.com

Take a Tour: Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida

Atlas History

Useful links to stay up to date on launches:

Spaceflightnow.com: Launch Schedule

Everyday Astronaut: Prelaunch Previews

Space News:

NASA Spaceflight nasaspacefight.com

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