The Icelandic Volcano is Erupting Again

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The Geldingadalir Volcano near Grindavik in Iceland is active again. It started 13:30 GMT, August 3rd 2022.
Barely 2 hours later, there is a fissure of 300 m. The expected maga volume that is pressing up, is expected to be twice the amount of last year's eruption.

It wasn't unexpected and has been predicted fairly accurately by scientists.

The channel "Just Icelandic" has made a few videos in the days leading up to it, and will be documenting again.

The series by Just Icelandic leading up to the event:

BIG NEWS - Volcanic Eruption Might Be About To Start In Iceland - Live Cam Links

Best Live Cams at the moment by

Geldingadalir Volcano, Iceland LIVE! Close-up

The situation seems to be progressing rapidly and we can expect more footage by avid hikers, drone pilots and volcano fans in no time.

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Sieht ziemlich cool aus jetzt so mit der Nacht Aufnahme

The footage shows black surface looks like ash or cooled off lava. If it erupts it will naturally lay a new floor on the current surface. Hope everyone stays is safe and don't go any close to it as gases are super heated and a puff can be very dangerous.

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Haha, you guys are obsessed with volcanoes in Discord.

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They are the best! Especially when they don't destroy anything (fingers crossed). It is looking ok for the nearest city. So far.

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