SpaceX to Hop SN-11 10 km [Scrubbed]

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We are in for another test flight of a new Starship prototype, SN-11.

The only known and visible change is, even more test heat tiles. There might be another firing sequence of the three Raptor engines for landing, and maybe a two engine landing burn.

Check out updates at:

Check TFR (Temporary flight restrictions) issued by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

look for a NOTAM (notice to airmen ) at Brownsville, Texas

Easiest way to check how close the launch is, go to LIVE: Starship SN11 Flight Test by NASASpaceflight.

Rules of thumb:

  • it takes at least an hour to launch after all personal has cleared the area
  • it takes at least 30 minutes after start of propellant loading
  • it takes at least 10 minutes after venting

Where to watch:

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