Rocket Lab attempting 2nd Aerial Capture [Live: 04.11.2022, 17:15 UTC]

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Rocket lab is trying to capture their spent first stage with a helicopter for the second time. The first capture attempt was a partial success. They managed to catch the rocket with a helicopter. Unfortunately, the downwash from the rotor blades interacted with the rocket in a way that caused problematic oscillations. The capture team was forced to drop the rocket shortly after.

While Rocket Lab is working to reuse their small sat launcher, they are also working on a new model that is comparable to Falcon 9 but might offer even better reusability.
Scott Manley: Rocket Lab's Neutron Rocket Will Be More Reusable Than Falcon 9

The launch takes place at Mahia Peninsula, Launch Complex 1B, in New Zealand.
Payload is a 50 kg satellite by OHB for the Swedish National Space Agency, heading to a Sun-sychronous orbit (585 km). The satellite will observe waves in the upper atmosphere (75 – 110 km) of Earth for five years (MATS - the Swedish research satellite).

Rocket Lab's mission website: Catch Me If You Can.

Why it's interesting:

  • 32nd launch of the Electron rocket by Rocket Lab
  • 2nd capture attempt of the first stage
  • 3D printed engines
  • Battery powered fuel pumps
  • Carbon composite stages
  • Potentially reusable first stage

Where to watch:

Check your local launch time at:

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Space News:

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