Maiden Flight for Terran 1 [Live: 08.03.2023, UTC 18:00]

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Launch attempt scrubbed due to the liquid natural gas in the second stage heating up too much.

Space is hard

Mitsubishi heavy Industries and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) tried to launch their H3 rocket for the second time. The second attempt on the 7th of March started out well until the second stage didn’t ignite and a self-destruct command was sent from the control center.

On a positive note: the first ever first stage booster with an expander bleed cycle made it to orbit and delivered the upper stage. They should have enough experience to fix the second stage before too long.

Terran 1

Relativity Space is trying to launch their Terran 1 rocket for the first time.

What’s important?

  • 3D printed engines
  • 3D printed stages
  • first methane fueled rocket to orbit – liquid natural gas, to be exact
  • gas generator cycle engine
  • autogenous pressurization – fuel and oxidizer will be pressurized by exhaust gases instead of helium.
  • non-TEA-TEB engine ignition

If they orbit their rocket before Starship, they will be stealing many firsts from Elon.

Their goal is to not only 3D print rocket engines, but the rocket stages as well. An automated metal printing process is supposed to generate a relatively cheap rocket within 60 days.

By using additive manufacturing, the company can reduce man hours and massively simplify the supply chain. For this rocket, the printed mass is 85%. Their goal is to achieve 95 mass percent.

The First 3D Printed Rocket Launch to Orbit is Coming Soon - Relativity Space with Tim Ellis

  • Launch location: Launch Complex 16, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida
  • Payload: dummy payload is a 3D printed metal ring weighing approximately 1,5 kg

Where to watch:

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