Firefly’s Third Attempt to reach Orbit [postponed]

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Firefly Aerospace is a new competitor in the small sat launch arena. It can carry payloads of up to 1000 kg to low Earth orbit.

Current launch location is Space Force Base, California. The company is based in Cedar Park, Texas.

Like the Electron rocket by Rocket Lab, it is entirely made from carbon composites. Unlike the Electron, it is larger and can carry a bigger payload.
More remarkable is that the engines will run on a tap-off cycle. An engine type that has never gone orbital before.

RocketHeight [m]Diameter [m]Payload to SSO [kg]Cost per Launch
Firefly Alpha291,8630~ $15 - $18 million
Electron181,2200~ $8 million

Tim Dodd getting the chance to look at the rocket and talk to engineers: Up close and personal with Firefly's Alpha rocket!

Past Missions

The first attempt was unsuccessful because of an engine failure early in the flight. The rocket lost control over two minutes into flight and had to be destroyed by the automated flight termination system.
The second attempt was a partial success because Firefly demonstrated successful stage separation and upper stage ignition. Unfortunately, it ended up in a lower than intended orbit and the payloads decayed much faster than intended.


This mission serves to prove rapid response launch capabilities for the Space Systems Command.
Astra received a similar contract to show that they are able for a quick turn-around with short notice.



Team is currently preparing for launch. As they are new to the launch process, there is a high chance that the launch will be rescheduled on short notice.
Even though SpaceX makes a Falcon 9 launch look easy, even they aren’t save against catastrophic failures when trying something new.

Always remember: A scrub is cheaper than a BOOM!

Additional Information about the Rocket

Firefly Aerospace: Firefly Alpha FLTA001

First launch attempt: Reaver Causes Destruction of FireFly – Scott Manley

Cost-Plus Content: Firefly Aerospace: How the Alpha Rocket Will Change the Small-Sat Market

Tim Dodd: Who will be the KING of the Small Sat Launchers?!

Scott Manley: Firefly Will Replace Russian Engines On Antares Rocket With Beta Booster

Useful links to stay up to date on launches: Launch Schedule

Everyday Astronaut: Prelaunch Previews

Space News:

NASA Spaceflight

TMRO: YouTube

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You seem to be in a bit of a "space fascination" at the moment.😉🙃

Always am. There were a few interesting things going on in a short period of time.

Tim Dodd is my favorite aerospace YouTuber. Others like NSF, Marcus and WAI also do a good job, but Tim always has this special attitude and dedicated learning about space travel.

Tim Dodd is very good. Scott Manley might be my faveorite. The whole SpaceTube section of the internet is amazing.

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Thanks for aggregating this info.

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