ABL Space Systems – Maiden Flight [Scrub]

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Off-nominal data was observed during Stage 1 fill at T-30 minutes. Countdown has been scrubbed for the day.

ABL Space Systems is the lastest company that is trying to enter the small-lift market with their new RS 1 rocket. The launch will take place on Kodiak Island in Alaska at the Pacific Spaceport Complex.

ABL RS1 Path to Flight

The concept is comparable to Astra. It is overwhelmingly designed with off-the-shelf parts and can be transported in shipping containers. Rocket stages and ground handling systems can be transported via land, sea or air. The goal is to offer cheap and reliable access to space on short notice and from various places.
Their engines are 3D printed and can run on regular jet fuel.
ABL advertises a cost per launch of $12 million ($8’800/kg to LEO, $12’000/kg to SSO).
Reusability is currently not an option.

Comparing different small-sat launchers:

CompanyRocketHeight [m]Diameter [m]Payload to SSO [kg]
Firefly AerospaceFirefly Alpha291,8630
Rocket LabElectron181,2200
AstraRocket 3.311,61,3150
ABL Space SystemsRS 121,51,81000

Scott Manley with an overview of what has been disclosed:
Fiery Test Failure Delays Rocket Builder's Debut Launch. What Do We Know about ABL Space?

The customer for this first launch is OmniTeq. Payload is two satellites, each weighing 11 kg.

Where to watch:


Check your local time at: www.timeanddate.com


Useful links to stay up to date on launches:

Spaceflightnow.com: Launch Schedule

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Space News:

NASA Spaceflight nasaspacefight.com

TMRO: YouTube

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