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RE: Between Jet and Prop Engine Aircraft

in STEMGeeks2 years ago

Well I can differentiate because this is my field and I certainly will not be cool with flight in a turbo props aircraft. I think they should stick to being used on Helicopters 😄.

Turbo props have numerous shortcomings other than their speed and low altitude flight. One of the biggest issue I have is that they are prone to damage from debris in the sky, on account of the propellers being out there in flight.

Also, I haven't confirmed this suspicious but I think TP aircrafts are generally older models and can only be used for commuter flights within the country. This means that regardless of how the Green air people do, they can only move a limited number of passengers in their tiny ass aircrafts locally and will not touch the international market.


If they are offering that at half of their competitors prices, I'm sure people will fly with in droves. Flight na flight abeg. And I'm sure NCAA would not have certified the aircrafts if they aren't air worthy.