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RE: Planning for a new laptop

in STEMGeekslast year

Good luck to you too bro, what kind of laptop are you looking at getting?


I have no idea yet, first I need to get money then I go think what I get. But price it stay in 900 or 1000 euros .

Oh that's quite pricey. Do you intend to use it for high-end tasks?

I make photos, and I also plan to get new camera also, so I need Laptop what I can use to work what photos .

Okay. I understand. What is the price range for a good camera? I have always wanted to have one to take nature photographs

Sony A6000 or take Sony A6500 😅 this what I can now say. But not take very expensive camera for first, start what small so you can find out first how you see things out there . Also street photography you can also to what phone too. This days are new phones also strong and good to do street photography.

I think so too. My phone takes decent pictures, so I will manage it for now

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