Keep Moving Forward

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I woke up feeling down about writing and for a moment, I even considered breaking my daily writing streak that has spanned at least 9 months. This is the highest level of consistency I have ever exhibited in literally anything in my life and it is a trait I would like to apply in every aspect of my life.


On some days, I wake up feeling unmotivated and just plain tired due to different reasons. Sometimes it is emotional and other times, I'm just hungover from drinking too much.

I'm a bit hungover from yesterday's activities and the banging headache won't let me rest. Alas, I can't just relax, even if I want to because well, this is the life I chose.

There are days when the words flow from my mind like a stream and then other days when it feels like I have to farm my thoughts. Either way, I always keep moving forward because that's my only option.

I'm trying to apply this style of reasoning into every aspect of my life and from my observation, it is relatively easier for some aspects, compared to others.


Take my academics for example; I talk a lot about how much I want to go into that line but I'm not exactly up and doing with my books. Perhaps it is a situation of necessity or the lack of it, but I feel like I should be studying more. I try to read up on random journals and publications in the aviation sector but it feels like that's not enough.

I feel like I should make studying academic related articles and publishing my thoughts on STEM front-end a daily thing, rather than just the passive way I've been going.

Study Candles

Another thing that's bothered me for the longest time is my inability to benefit from day trading. I also think that boils down to a lack of application of my time into actually studying.

For a while, my trading decisions were based on a compilation of different publications on Leofinance and Cointelegraph. However, I would like to be the one making those publications and sharing real time signals.

A Quiet Place

I'm still in Bayelsa right now and so I haven't actually had any quiet time to think about how this year will be. I already made plans for the year since September last year but I'd like to get back to my corner and start implementing them.

When I get back to my space by the end of the month, I will increase my drive towards bringing these goals to life. I'll keep going forward, one step at a time until I reach the goals I've set.

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That happens to everyone. Only someone who hasn't blogged on a daily basis for months and months is unfamiliar with this. At least you have the strategy and would be a pity to waste that.

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Thanks bro, we do our best to keep pushing