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Maybe in some sequel you can write about neural networks,levels of deep learning, attempts on making AI with emotions and ofc sex robots ;P
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Thank you for your response. I have to stay that @stayoutoftherz pointed out an issue with my post in that I did not discriminate between weak and strong AI. I'll write another article on AI that focuses on your suggestion, as well as, stayoutoftherz's recommendation. I have one financial post to write and then I'll do another on AI as you request.

Oh, it is not a request, just an idea :) I follow AI topic so for me personally it is all the same if you do it but think it can be interesting for some to pack it nicely in the post as you usually do :)

It’s my fault in the interpretation. I use comments as an indicator to improve upon what I’ve done. AI is a huge topic. There’s no way I could have covered everything. Your suggestions will make the next article possible.