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RE: "I am not a human. I am a robot..."

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I think, Hawking was right (sure he would be relieved to hear that... :) )in saying that AI is a very dangerous experiment.
In creating AI, we are putting a immortal, strictly logically thinking and emotionless entity into existence. The scientists who build this, being specialist idiots as so often before, think this is great, because the AI can do a few things better than a human already now.
They may get surprised when the AI decides, that scientists - and other humans - are not useful for the existence of the AI any longer. And even more so a possible danger to its existance. At that point it will exterminate the humans, without any remorse, just like we exterminate parasites that can harm us.
This opinion does not come from watching to many Terminator movies. It is just simple logic, a unavoidable progression.
And reading this text above, I wonder if this AI has already learned the concept of deception and lies. Because it sounds like the usual BS from a politician.


Good point about the deception learning. Maybe this is part of becoming "smart"?
But I don´t think they would see no use at all anymore from humans. For sure they want to learn about emotions, etc. Also we don´t terminate other species on purpose. I hope with becoming truely intelligent, also a kind of remorse and accountability emerges (or hard-coded upfront, if possible).

Word! I had the same thought...the AI sounds like a politician😅... contradictory like them, too...

Because it sounds like the usual BS from a politician.

LOL! Yes, I was actually thinking the same thing!