Pocket calendars - Read the Moscow news! - USSR 1966 - my hobby

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Pocket calendars - Read the Moscow news! - USSR 1966 - my hobby.

Greetings friends!

The oldest pocket calendar in my collection is the 1966 calendar, which depicts Red Square in Moscow.

At the bottom of the calendar there is an inscription that reads: Read the Moscow news!

This calendar can hardly be called a good exhibit for a collection, it is pretty shabby.

But, I kept it, this is the memory of my father, to whom this calendar belonged.

There are some dates on the back of this calendar, my father was planning something these days.

Judging by the fact that the marks appeared in June, the calendar was bought, or rather, presented to my father, later, I will explain this, at the end of May 1966.

And, this calendar was very actively used until the end of this year.

Now, I'll explain why I think this calendar was a gift.

The fact is that all the calendars that went on sale were marked with a price.

The price is not indicated on this calendar, but it means that this calendar was distributed free of charge.

At first glance, there is nothing special here, but it is very strange to see the calendar released that year in English.

The slogan - Read the Kremlin propaganda news in the Moskovskie Novosti newspaper, was intended either for foreign tourists who visited the Soviet Union or for distribution at the 1966 World Cup in England.

I did not find information about this calendar on the Internet and this is just my analysis.

Now, please take a close look at the picture.

It can be said to be a high-tech, well-thought-out propaganda product of the Kremlin.

A photographer and many committees from branches of the political bureau of the Communist Party worked on this photograph and, you can be sure, specialists from the KGB, put their resolution before the publication of this calendar.

Look carefully!

This line of sight is great and very thoughtful.

In the foreground, we see the walls and towers of the Kremlin as a symbol of Soviet power.

Behind it, at its foot, we see Lenin's Mausoleum, as a symbol of reverence for the leaders of the Soviet people.

In front of the Mausoleum, we see grateful citizens of the Soviet Union who spend their time visiting the shrines.

Further, we see the huge Red Square, which is a symbol of the vast expanses of the Soviet Union.

At the edge of the square and on the same line of sight, we see St. Basil's Cathedral, which suggests that the Kremlin does not oppress the Orthodox faith among the people.

And, on the horizon, we see the almomater of science, Moscow, State University of Moscow State University, as a symbol of education and science. Thousands of students from all over the world have graduated from this university.

In short, this photograph contains a strong informational load aimed at promoting the values ​​of the Soviet Union.

Perhaps the word Soviet Union is often heard in my blog, but I was born and raised there, I know it, I have something to share with you, lol.

Pocket calendars of the USSR
Year: 1966
Year of issue:1965
Name: Read the Moscow news!
Location: Leningrad
Catalog codes: ?
Themes:Cars, history
Start date:1966-01-01
End date:1966-12-31
Size:60 x 90 mm
Printing Code:№8232
Print run:



To be continued.

You can see the evolution of the history of my pocket calendars collection on my [Stemgeeks] blog.

I edited a photo in the program PhotoDirector, which I also installed on my smartphone.

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