2021 : New life, new country and ... new setup !

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Hello HIVE friends !

2021 is a great year for me ! I bacame a Belgium guy, new job, new life, and many more new things... Many people ask me some news about my setup. It's an old one but with a new desk, many tools and geek gadgets... Ladies & gentlemens, please welcome my new setup :

My bnew setup

The Maker side

If you don't know it, I'm a developer but also a maker and I love create real objects like wooden lights, connected things, crypto-related stuff, ... so I need some equipments. Below the screens, from left to right :

  • Soldering station Duratool ZD-929C
  • Bench power supply Gwinstek PSP-2010
  • Oscilloscope Agilent DSO1072B
  • Laser engraver Ortur Master 15W

At the right side, I've a Creality Ender 3 pro 3D Printer..

Setup in use

The IT Side

Sorry... I have a really old PC but it still standing, and it's a really great computer :

  • Intel Core i7-2600 (from 2011 !)
  • 16Gb RAM
  • Corsair 256Go SSD
  • Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX570 8Go
  • Screens from left to right : Acer X233H / BenQ G900 / Phillips 223V

All this wonderful hardware run with Ubuntu-based Pop_OS! 20.10

Work on HIVE related thing...

Now that I'm really well installed, i'm back and i'll create many new projects & posts on HIVE :D

If you have any questions, you can ask in comments.

I'm ready for the new HIVE hackathon @themarkymark !

See you soon hivers & have a nice day !

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Tu es une start up à toi tout seul !
Bon courage pour les projets en cours! Meilleux voeux de réussite

Merci ! Ça fait plaisir :)
C'est que le début pour faire plein de bons projets. Je vous tiendrais au courant de tout ça au fur et à mesure !

 last year 

Is that a mirror behind the station or is your setup in the middle of the room?

I've made a "Work Space" in the middle ofthe room, i don't have big mirrors :D

 last year 

Very nice.

It's probably easier to clean and do maintenance as well.

Nice! The two-level table seems like a perfect fit for the lab equipment. Did you chose the table to fit the scope and soldering station, or the other way around? :)
What's the device you're working on in the last pic?

Thank you for your comment !
The two-level table is home-made (only one sheet of wood and 5 furniture legs).It is only 30cm high.

The device is an ESP-32 who display the HIVE price every 15 seconds :D

great solution with the custom table and cool idea with the ESP. I haven't had a chance to play with these yet. Do you have plans to post details about the project?

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