White screen addiction

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This is one of the hottest topics. My colleague used to say that white screens have magic and people by default are naturally attracted to light. That's one of the biggest reasons why kids agree to eat if they are given mobile phones while eating. I guess not just kids but even adults are also attracted to white light and white screens I would say and that's why we cannot stay away from our mobile devices.



Harm to the eyes

We all know this very well but we still don't care about this. It is said that white screens can be very attractive but they can harm our eyes. Too much exposure to light can be hard on the sensitive nerves we have in our eyes. Maybe 80 percent of the population is not getting any problems because of this but why take chances and harm our eyes? I personally find it really hard to stay away from white screens too. I also understand that my eyes are not very happy after continuously using my mobile phone for a few hours, but I still push it.

We all might think that white screens are doing harm only to our eyes. Even though that is true, they also do harm to our entire body. When eyes get too much strain, they start getting heated up, once that happens the body will try to balance out the heat in our eyes and people start getting heat imbalance in their bodies. Next time you use your mobile phones too much observe this and you will find this to be true. I have personally experienced this. Sometimes if our immunity is really good, all these may not even happen but we cannot assure that our immunity would be top-notch all the time.

Preventive measures

I don't think we would be able to come out of white screen addition that easily. For some people, it is really hard to stay away from their laptops, mobile phones, and even TV. For some people, the white screen is also their bread and butter. All we can do is take necessary preventive measures to keep our eyes and health good in spite of using the white screen. Maybe we can take some precautions and reduce the damage at least to some extent.



I realized it is better to avoid white screen exposure before going to bed. Study says that white screens affect our brain activity and some people find it very difficult to sleep if they are exposed to too much white light before going to bed. Some people also find it very hard to sleep if the lights are switched on. Another important thing is to have our surroundings filled with more light than what we have on the white screen. This literally means that we shouldn't be using white screens in the dark. That's again harmful to the eyes. There are also night-friendly applications available these days that tone the colors based on the need of the users. For night uses there are dark themes available.

Sleeping is when the eyes get some time to heal. It is highly recommended not to use our mobile phones as soon as we wake up. We are anyways going to get exposed more to white screens throughout the day but giving some break for the eyes to wake up entirely and slow exposure to natural light would be the first thing to do. Later after we are done with all the morning routines, we can take our mobiles back in hand. This way our eyes would also get ready with us and the damage would be less comparatively.

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