Technology has two sides

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We all know the importance of technology and how it is changed our life. Some people say it is good and some people say it is bad and that's why we see it as two sides and two extremes. I personally would say that both sides are correct but it is all based on how we make use of the technology and to what extent we use the technology. Though we know nectar is good, we should also know how much quantity we should be consuming. We cannot consume excess quantity.



Technology can be a bane

The kids used to play with physical toys but things have changed a lot and most of the kids are fond of playing video games and computer games. Slowly virtual reality games will also come into existence that will change the user experience even further. Too much dependency on technology has made us miss our traditional things. Today we have many things for recreation inside the house itself. We have so many gadgets at home. But in those days people used to meet others and have interactions for a positive and healthy life.

Technology is a boon

I wouldn't completely blame technology. I don't think it is fair to completely blame technology and say that it doesn't have any value. As I say it has two sides and I wouldn't even say that one side is good and another side is bad. It depends on how we take the other side. There are bad things even in the physical world but it all depends on how we choose sides and pick the right things. If technology can be considered in that sense and if only the good things from technology are utilized, I think it would be very great.

Finding a balance

The most important thing is finding a balance between both. During my childhood, at least a decade back my mother used to scold me a lot for excessive usage of mobile phones. But today my mother has also got one and it is really hard to control my mother from using it. She is very much fond of playing games on her smartphone and she has also learned a lot about using other applications now there are instances where I end up scolding my mother for over usage of cell phones.



But yeah finding the balance is very important. There is always a misconception that technology is against nature and the environment. I wouldn't agree with that. I would say that it has brought so many good things to our environment as well. It all depends on how we make use of it instead of complaining about the technology as a whole. Using technology without disturbing human values and without disturbing nature is something that we should be doing. We can collect lots of data about nature and the environment with the help of technology and that data helps in reviving nature back. In that case, how can technological advancements be bad?

Humans are fond of creating new tools. Be it a stick or arrow or a computer, we keep innovating. We have to find the positive aspect of these innovations and keep going with them instead of focusing on all the bad things that are happening because of technology. This is my humble opinion.

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Everything in the world has two sides. Technology is not apart from them.Bad or good depend on how do we use it. It's ture people are gradually forgetting physical world.We should maintain balance between the two.It is very important topic to discuss. If the matter is not discussed now or not taken effective measures, things gonna worse in future.

Thanks for talking about the topic.After getting a reminder from you, I should now not be unbridled.🤣🤣

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Like everything else we need to balance our life with technology!

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