Switching to Electric vehicles does not mean that we are going 100% green

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There is a revolution happening where many petrol and diesel vehicles are slowly transitioning towards electric vehicles. But there is a misconception that we are going 100% green or clean energy with electric vehicles. Mostly the emission part and depleting of the fossil fuel is what is considered when this statement is made. But there are other factors that decide whether this approach is 100% clean or green energy or not.

We have already found enough ways to produce electricity but the major concern here is the storage of the charge we produce. That's where batteries play a vital role. Anything that can store electricity in some form and give it back to the circuit whenever it is needed is a battery. Maybe the electricity production route is 100% green but when it comes to storing part, things are pretty messed up and we are still dependent on lots of natural resources to create our storage.



In the last few decades, the batteries are improving a lot and we are able to compress the size of the batteries to a greater extent with a lot more efficiency. But the technology is still not mature enough to be able to use in the real-time use case. An expert who knows these things very well would agree with me. We still need more innovation around batteries. But good that we are definitely progressing. In a way, we are deciding to get rid of fossil fuels by using electric vehicles but we are still depleting the Lithium resources available on Earth. So, technically we are not going 100% green.

Switching to electric vehicles comes with greater advantages and one major reason being the reduction of smoke and other emissions by burning fossil fuels. In a way that is good because we are doing good to the ecosystem but are we fully getting rid of that. I would say no because we spend a lot of resources and deplete lots of resources in the process of creating an electric vehicle. If the resources that we are depleting are abundant resources then it will not be a big problem but if we are depleting resources that are scarce then it again is not 100% green and it is not solving our needs. Especially when we have to dig and destroy our natural reserves then it is not at all helping this planet or the ecosystem.

I personally think that this is definitely a big step towards clean energy and the reduction of fossil fuels. If we are able to slowly progress more on this and innovate the capacity of the batteries or other innovative ways to store the energy we produce naturally, then this sector will be one of the best sectors blooming in the coming years. Many big car manufacturing companies have started looking at this technology and there are hybrid models available already. If people can come up with great innovations and if they are available for public use instead of sleeping somewhere in the form of Patents, then it will be great for everyone.

I'm personally switching to electric vehicles and I have booked my electric bike. I will try to write a detailed post on the same.

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Thats my topics😍 I agree with you. Countries need both fossil and renewable. In this century, we can not say all sources change from fossil to renewable.

Especially in places where clean energy is possible, it should happen.

Of course. There are lots of places that can transition from fossil to renewable. Other hand, some countries or region depend on some fossil fuels. They need time to change this situation. #energy

Yeah the transition should happen slowly and gradually.

Nice post, I think green energy does alot of harm also when you figure in the strip mining combined with the stockpiles of waste from wind turbine parts to solar panels that will never decompose... !1UP

Yes that's right. But the good thing is that they have a decent lifespan unlike other wastes.

I think that to become green we must start producing electricity from our homes, at least in part of what we need

Yes that's right. We should use a direct consumption scheme and that becomes green instead of storing and using it.

Absolutely, we still need natural resources to produce electricity to charge the equipment. Also, the electric waste is to be concerned about.

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