Role of data in cutting edge technologies

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Technology is always advancing. There is always a new invention happening to push us more towards innovations. Nobody would have imagined their life with a mobile phone in the late 80s. Today our life is incomplete without mobile phones and we are so dependent on them. It is said that about 75 different gadgets/devices we would use in our day-to-day life are available inside our mobile phones in the form of digital apps.

The new technological advancements bring us lots of innovations and improvements to the quality of our life. Some of these cutting-edge technologies not only make our current life better but also help build a great future for us. It all depends on the data. Some of the data-related applications and technological advancements rely mainly on data. For instance, if we take Robotic process automation and machine learning, data play a vital role in that.



Deep learning is fully dependent on data. If a bot is able to interact with us, it means the input has been given to the bot in the form of data and artificial intelligence is possible only with data. The bot or the machine learns by itself with the data program we have written, in addition to that, the intelligence is also based on the data access from other sources like the internet. We might have watched this in the movies where artificial intelligence would rule the human world by getting all the data from the internet and the human accessibility area. Though they are fantasies and in no way related to how AI works in the real world, some of the concepts are slowly getting started.

In the past, there was some restriction as to who can access the data and how the data can be used. Today with the help of the internet and with all these cutting-edge technologies, we are able to access data and do a lot of analytics. Modern data scientists who are also developers are creating amazing applications that would give us better weather forecasts and market predictions based on past data. They try to find out the pattern in which things operate and some things are predictable because it is data.



These data collection can play a vital role in our real-world planning like Water management, Garbage collection, electricity planning, traffic planning, parking management, and the health sector. In addition to that, there are some decentralized government data that can be known to everyone, AI can also make use of that data and act as a knowledge base for people who would like to know and access some data. These cutting-edge technologies help a lot in reducing the time on certain things and based on the data we have, lots of automations can also be initiated so that human resources can be used efficiently elsewhere.

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Yeap, from those tiny buttons phones to today's unique smartphones. I still remember having calls from abroad once a month due to the unavailability and cost, and now we can be connected throughout the whole day that too with video calls. There are many more advanced miracles coming ahead. Recently I had seen in a report that we can taste different food item flavors by licking a certain glass or a material that has different chemicals to create that taste for us, impressive.

About AI ruling the world, I have heard this numerous times too, also I have heard that this AI tech won't survive much, plenty of judgments. Personally, I do feel that instead of passing negative judgments we should cope with the new inventions and adapt to them, extract the benefits from them and make our life more easy and enjoyable.

Data is the most crucial thing in this tech world now. Technology is advancing very fast and we fast keep pace with it too.

Hello Bala

It was 2009 I brought my first mobile phone the Nokia2626 😭. Lol I used to browse internet with that 2 inch screen and tapping botton. In just 13 years I have seen everything has changed for me. This is really first advancement in technology. As you mentioned for our easier life we must need AI and it needs data.The more volume of data gives us more accurate out put.

As technology is advancing, it seems people won't have work in future physically, Al and robot can do for us. I am now thinking about the movie "matrix". I Hope things don't go to that direction.😂😂

One thing I so much love about technology is it's constant and consistent improvement which leads to lots of innovations and solutions to better our lives and make how we do things easier.

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Big data is a trend! In healthcare it is promising as well


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