It takes 6 months for human body to heal from almost anything

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The human body is a miraculous machine that has so many functions. Some aspects of this huge machine are still a big mystery to mankind. Only now has modern science started connecting the dots between mind and body. A few decades back science never believed that the mind can influence the body. They believed that they can heal any disease with the help of medicines if they have one. In recent years, doctors understand the connection between mind and body and they even believe that some conditions can be cured by training the mind and not the body.

This is definitely an interesting thing. I personally experienced how the mind can play a vital role in health. Last year when I had panic attacks and anxiety, I was able to do nothing. I was all good when I went to bed and suddenly in the morning at 3 am when I woke up and had a panic attack, I felt very week and all my energy was completely drained. It was a horrible feeling. That is when I realized that our gut has superpowers too and they have direct connectivity with our brain.



I personally started analyzing this all by myself and found a permanent solution. Luckily I did not have any panic attacks this year. But I do get the anxiety symptoms now and then and o know how to heal myself. I don't know what triggered all these but someone told me that if I can train my mind towards healing, after 6 months I should get back to normal. That really worked. Every month I started seeing some Improvements.

I got all types of weakness, vitamin deficiencies, and other problems after my panic attacks. I was not sure if all these were the reason for my panic and anxiety attacks or if I got them because I had panic attacks. But in order to recover from both, I had to focus on both conditions and recover from both conditions.



One of my friends told me that her mother had a similar problem and it took 6 months solid to recover from that problem. Another good thing that I did was to not get addicted to any sleeping pills or depression pills. Those pills created a significant dependency on them and we will not be able to sleep without the sleeping pills. I did try sleeping pills for a few days but luckily I realized that it was doing harm more than help so I stopped it.

A good routine, distraction, and some brain exercises were the things that I had to do for several months to get out of this. I firmly decided that I should never take any pills or medications for this and I did everything naturally. Breathing exercises helped a lot and 6 months was the time I had to give my body. Luckily this year was good and after several months of good food and good sleep, I'm back again. There is sill a little more healing required but I'm sure in another few months that should be good again.

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Good on you for not getting addicted to sleeping pills Bala. I see so many people with panic attacks, or any form of mental health problems get so easily dependent on sleeping pills and it's really difficult to take them off it.

Mental health is something that is vastly underestimated in our subcontinent. I'm glad to see you are taking this seriously, as everyone should.

I had not read this about the 6 months to cure. I am so glad you overcame your panic attacks and appreciate you sharing your experience in overcoming it. As you say, nutrition always plays a key role. Best regards to you.

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Wow 6 months is a good time!! But sometimes people needs more than that!!

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