Electric vehicle adoption by improving batteries

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We all know that electric vehicles are going to be the future because we are moving towards reducing carbon emissions and at the same time stopping using non-renewable energy sources to produce our energy or solve our day-to-day needs. I'm not going to say that Electric vehicles are alternatives for non-renewable energy. That's a separate topic together. But all I wanted to say was the world is moving in the direction of electric vehicles and all we need is innovation on batteries.

Batteries play a vital role when it comes to saving energy. Imagine if we are riding a bicycle. Our own mechanical energy is converted to kinetic energy and we make the vehicle move. Imagine if we can convert that mechanical energy to electrical power. Yes, it is possible and there are methods to do it. But in order to store energy through any source, all we need is a medium. Today we are using Lithium Ion as the most famous battery all over the world. There are innovations happening in that field but the output is not as expected or not very great.



Size of the batteries

The size of the batteries we use has become smaller for several decades. There is always some innovation happening around that area and we are able to reduce the size of the batteries. I don't think the innovation is rapid but I'm sure there are some improvements happening. Electric vehicles should weigh less and at the same time should be able to carry both riders as well as the batteries that power the electric vehicle. This is where the size of the batteries matters the most.

My electric vehicle battery weight is almost half the weight of my entire vehicle. I understand that it contributes a lot to storing more energy and making the commute distance longer. I understand the need but all I want is that all these companies should join hands together to come up with smaller batteries but with higher efficiency.



Vehicle Adoption

When it comes to electric vehicle adoption, I'm sure everything is loving this concept. Still, they don't want to purchase or move to electric vehicles because they are worried about what would happen to the batteries after a few years. If there are innovations around batteries, I'm sure there would be many people wanting to adopt this technology. I read somewhere that Sodium is being experimented on to see if it would be useful and can be an alternative to lithium. I'm not sure to what extent that can be a possibility but if that can help in reducing the price of the vehicle further through some innovation, it would be awesome and people would love to purchase electric vehicles.

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In the next 10 years, if they can develop battery technology, all vehicles will be electric.

I wish I could buy one soon! the batteries are always a challenge in this vehicle


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