Electric Airplanes - A near future technology soon can blow our mind

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Electric airplanes are not a new technology. The biggest reason why people want to go electric is the fact that we may not have any need to burn fossil fuels. There are already companies that are offering ways to stay in the air without burning any fossil fuel. Even though the duration is not more than 90 minutes. There is a high chance that this innovation can grow further in the future and efficiency would get increased. There are also companies that have provided that they can build planes that can stay as long as they want in the air with solar power and battery power.

It is exciting to talk about electric airplanes but there are so many challenges involved. For example, if we take a drone, we cannot keep it on air for several hours. The capacity of the batter should be made higher in order to do that. The same applies to electric airplanes too. We should be having a big load of batteries powering the plane. Let's not discuss the disadvantages now.



Emission-free planes

The first thing that comes to our mind is the fact that these electric planes can be emission-free and people can travel from one place to another without disturbing the ecosystem with any big pollution. We are depleting fossil fuels at a high range. Unless we find a way to extract fuels from other sources or from even other planets, we can keep this going forever.

Many private companies have started exploring this. Already 2022 is considered to be one of the biggest years for electric vehicles. If we are able to save fossil fuels and come up with emission-free planes, it will be a great achievement for the year. I'm sure there will be engineering challenges, but there are already successful planes that give a short-range commute.

Safety concerns

Some people think that it may not be safe to travel inside a flight that requires lots of batteries to power them. We currently have facilities to make solar panels in the form of thin sheets. If we come up with a technology to make the plane's body with panels, probably it will help in producing a lot of power that would be sufficient for a backup in the plane.



The safety concern is always there. Even with fossil fuels, there is a big concern that the flight would suddenly catch fire. This has also happened in the past. The same risk applies even for an electric airplane as batteries also have a small risk of explosion. But the biggest concern here is what if there is short circuit mid-air and the plane is not having enough power to go down again. A real aeronautical engineer would probably find these safety concerns funny but a common man would always think from this perspective.

A future technology that we can rely upon

My final thoughts would be that this is definitely going to happen for commercial passengers. I think these electric airplanes are already available for non-commercial flights. The duration and the cost is the biggest concern here. We cannot say it is fully eco-friendly. We would still be using Lithium-ion batteries where Lithium becomes a fossil fuel here. But in spite of all that I would still like to see this technology becoming a very common reality because it is definitely better than the previous one.

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Some small edits you ma to do -

'The capacity of the batter should be made higher in order to do that.'

Its battery not batter.

'Unless we find a way to extract fuels from other sources or from even other planets, we can keep this going forever.'

'we cannot keep this going,' is what you meant I think here

This was super refreashing article.

This will take a lot of time, won't be coming this year. And if it sprouts will take years to get economical.

Obviously it will be tested and tried a lot before implementing this.

But I think its possible to have such planes, because they sent drones and robots to out of space and moon and stuff, so making a battery that can power to fly a flight for long won't be something not possile I think, I just think its not affordable maybe.

The scientists are now working on a sodium based batteries. Sodium is one of the most abundant element on earth and if we are able to make successful batteries out of it, it can be a great revolution.

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