E-Vehicles - Need more charging stations

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Electric vehicles have started getting popular in my country. Some people might have read one of my previous articles and would have known that I own an electric motorcycle. I have successfully completed over 1500 Kms with my electric motorcycle. I know it is less but it just solves my day-to-day commute needs. I have not traveled any long distances with my electric vehicle due to charging limitations.

Many big players have started getting into the electric vehicle industry. They are creating competitive products. The manufacturing cost is still very high because of the cost of raw materials but maybe if there is a new innovation like batteries from Sodium instead of Lithium, the cost would drastically come down. But yeah that's something for the future generation. I'm really glad that I'm having an electric vehicle and I ride it with pride as I'm one of the early adaptors to this technology.



Battery limitations

There are so many problems with batteries when it comes to electric vehicles. I shouldn't say it is a problem but a limitation probably. The size of batteries is really huge and they occupy the biggest weight of the whole vehicle. We need more innovation in this field because the size should go down and the weight should also go down. That way we can create better batteries with better range and capacity.

The vehicle performance is doing really well but we need more innovations around the batteries. I'm sure that is where there will be real competition when big players get into the business.

Charging stations

Whenever I think of going long distances with my bike, I will have to make sure my vehicle battery is full or at least it has enough charge for my commute. Sometimes I cannot go out if I don't have enough charge. This is basically because there are not enough charging stations in my place. They came up with a wonderful concept of swapping batteries. The idea is to have many swapping stations all over the city and if someone wants to swap, they can reach out to their nearest station and swap their batteries for a fully charged one. But I guess the implementation cost is very high and that's why they have not implemented this feature yet.



It can take a few more years for this technology to improve. For now, we at least have a decent amount of charging stations for cars. People who are driving electric cars get better range compared to electric bikes and they are able to also do fast charging in some of the available charging stations. I was also thinking if it would be good to set up a DC charging point in my house so that I can make charging faster but I really don't want to take any risk.

Maybe after a few years when there are more electric vehicles on the road, there would be many charging stations as well and people would be very confident to purchase electric vehicles. This can even become a good business opportunity.

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This is my argument as well. I drove cross country USA last year with my kids and if we would have had an EV only vehicle, yeah, we would have been desert stranded somewhere, lol.

The elites don’t want us out exploring. They want us all in tight light controllable groups.

I remember when I was in China, electric bike was an absolute necessity. And what made it so easy to use was charging points set up almost all over the city. Even if there was an are that didn’t have charging spots, you could find a shop that was always willing to let us charge for some time.

There were also supercharge spots that where charging for only about 10 mins used to be enough to reach our destination (where of course there would be charging spots!).

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I am thinking of getting one in 5 years or until my current car resists!

 3 months ago 

Takes too long to charge anyhow.

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I have a friend of mine who drives an electric bike around the city and this is also one of his pain points; battery limitations. You just can't go very far with it, especially visiting the suburban and rural areas. But he very much likes the e bike because of its convenience and environmentally friendly feature.

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They are still promising but yet lots to evolve !


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