COVID vaccines are not 100% effective but definitely works

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Yes, indeed it is not 100% effective. But it definitely works. I'm going to discuss that in this article sharing my personal experiences and things that I have seen. I have not taken my shot yet due to other health issues I'm having right now but I have all my family members taken the shot already. Before I start with the article, there are still a group of people who don't even think COVID exists and I'm going to leave them aside and a request to such people, please don't read this article further as it will not be useful for you guys.

Coming back to the topic, I heard some misconceptions about COVID vaccines and I thought I should share my personal experiences based on events that happened inside my family and relatives.

Yes, it is indeed true that COVID vaccines will not protect an individual 100%. There are lots of cases reported where people get COVID even after vaccination. It is definitely true and it happened in my relative's family as well. But here is the point. I would say that we still have to go for the vaccines. The main reason is that people who got their vaccine shots were given a big layer of protection when COVID hit them.



The other family members were not vaccinated yet had a severe hit but elders and people with previous chronic conditions did not have a serious problem and their oxygen saturation levels were also very stable. This is what I noticed personally.

In another relative family, there was also a case where the person who got himself vaccinated did not get COVID when others in the family were all affected. So I would like to say in short that COVID vaccines may not be 100% effective but when people get COVID post-vaccination, the intensity is not that severe.

There are also arguments saying that vaccination is just a political drive to make lots of vaccine sales and make some profit out of it. Here for us, the vaccine shots are all done for free as a government initiative so I will not buy that theory. The government and other medical bodies promote vaccination to a greater extent and they say it is completely safe but I won't go with all those things but I personally witnessed it work on individuals by giving them a big layer of protection over the virus.



This is what made me write this article and share this piece of information with everyone. Maybe things can vary from vaccine to vaccine and from place to place but for us here in India, the vaccination drive is looking positive and it is indeed helping. There is now a huge demand after they started vaccinating people over 18 years of age. Otherwise, things are going smooth and mostly it is COVISHIELD that is being used here.

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I'm going to leave them aside and a request to such people, please don't read this article further as it will not be useful for you guys.

I love it haha xD

Vaccines here in Denmark is free aswell. I haven't gotten my jab yet, but I should be getting it at least in the beginning of September, I am in the last group even though so thats why :D

My younger friends will be getting the shot before me xD

What's good Bala. I haven't taken my shot either, I've been actually doubting myself and giving a lot of thought about it given how unreliable the Government is. COVID-19 does exist. I got it twice but never was in a situation where I would have worried. We need to take good care of ourselves and don't underestimate things. Good to see ya.

Thanks Jon. Nice to see your message. Yes better to stay safe than sorry. (Talking after losing so many friends and family members)

That's very sad to hear bro. Sending my sincerest condolences. Keep it strong my man, you are alive to live another day. Many blessings to your loved ones and much gratitude.

The Vaccine effects differently individuals...
Yes their are some people who doesn't believe the existence of Covi19 but my firend it is happening all around us.
I got my first shot and will takebthe second also once the time comes...

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The vaccine is free in Japan too. No vaccine is 100%. Some are pretty close, but there is always a risk you will get the virus anyway. But as you say, some protection is better than none.

I understand the fear of the covid vaccine. It's a new technique, there is no long term testing of this technique. Being afraid is ok. But all these conspiracy theories... it makes you magnetic, it embeds nanochips to track you... this is all nonsense. The misinformation is crazy.

Vaccines work and here in Brazil we are suffering for not having enough. I am downvoting every vaccine deniers because they are literally killing people

I honoresonil covid-19 in April 2021 ... very interesting post. Thanks for sharing

That's my experience too. A whole bunch of med school kids in my son's class got the virus after taking both the jabs. The had almost little to nothing in the way of symptoms.
This happened with some friends too, the did have any complications though they had other medical conditions.
The vax I'd the best bet right now against covid.

No vaccine is 100% effective, even vaccines that have been out there for many years. That's one of the main reasons a high vaccine coverage is recommended, or needed really.
I did get my shots and I don't believe it was "just a political drive to make lots of vaccine sales", but I am not so sure about the free argument to debunk it. Somebody did pay for these vaccines. In the US, it is also free for everybody to get the shots, but the government paid the manufacturers of course.

The government and other medical bodies promote vaccination to a greater extent and they say it is completely safe

For me here, I like how the nuance was made that it's never 100% sure that the vaccine is safe and won't have side effects. Which is the case for any vaccine not just this one. However, the chances are slim that you will get a strong life threatening side effect and the positive effect of the protection far outweighs the possible negative effects.

When I seen that transparent bit of info it took some worry away. As I was definitely sceptical at first with the rate these vaccines were produced. It was a bit of FUD from my side. Got my first jab last week, no magnetic arm :-p did figure out how to do the trick where it looks like you can stick metal objects to your arm as if it were magnetic.

Stay safe!

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