Coding career can be started at anytime during our career

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Sometimes I feel that I want to quit coding and start enjoying life. I can do that only if I have enough money to do it. Without financial independence, I will not be able to do something like that. This is when I get motivation from people who are pretty old but very active in coding. I have some mentors like that who give me some boost now and then. They are decently old enough to explore and stay up to date with technologies. They still do it without any hesitation or any intention to stop staying up to date.

So coming back to the topic, I can take myself as an example. During my college days, I did not grasp any programming concepts. I did understand or focus a little but did not study well. I used to walk out of my exam halls if I know I would pass the exam. I would get a book for myself or share a book with someone only on the date of the exam or maybe a day before the exam. Otherwise, I never focused on learning to code those days.



I did my final year project on C# .net and I also liked it to some extent. I don't know how but I also did some teaching at a nearby computer institute after my college. So I joined my office and the nature of work was more into working on a framework or an already available product. I did not have any need to write any code as such. I did get some interest to write some advanced SQL queries and SQL views. But it was not really sufficient. I was thinking I would take the leadership route or management route and go ahead with my career. But I couldn't stop myself from learning.

That is when I jumped into coding hardcore. I was a little late but my experience working on a product definitely helped and I was also able to grasp customer perspectives and was keen on building products that are customer friendly. Only then I started to build applications for actual clients. I'm also very glad that I have built applications for real customers who are still using the product. It is for multi-national customers and the legislations were different for each one of them. I had to understand and digest the requirements and then build the product for them.

So the final note is, anyone can start their coding career at any time. It is not like you would have lost so many years already or you are starting late or you are old already. If you have the coding flair, then you would enjoy coding and you can pick up the concepts really soon. I know someone who started their coding career at the age of 58 as a retirement hobby. He is freelancing and I think he is running his own company.

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I got my CS degree last year aged 37 and now work as a data/software engineer after quitting school at 15, never too late to jump into it!

Congrats! I'm still disappointed in my qualifications, but I intend to apply for a scholarship next year. Or maybe just enroll in some online programs if I don't get accepted.

No harm in applying and even if you dont get accepted there are plenty of resources online to learn the trade. Good luck!

Thank you. This Hive space makes me feel more and more motivated, seeing all these smart articles from people that do more than 9-5 with their lives.

Coding is good because you can learn by yourself, lots of tutorials online

It seems hard, but I want to start doing it. With two jobs and my mother and sisters, it's kind of hard. So I'm thinking of applying to some online programs ASAP.

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This is one of my goal next year to know how to codes because it is always in demand skills for corporate jobs. It's a plus also when entering freelancing world.

Honestly, @bala41288 coding was my best course of the days during college but immediately I left the college without consistent practice and a mentor in programming, I lost interest. Yes, I do love coding but it requires passion, time, and energy.