Chat GPT becomes a burden for corporate companies

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Many companies have started exploring how they can improve their productivity with the help of GPT tools. There have been companies that have started using this as a positive tool and they promote using these tools by the employees of their company. But on the other hand, there are also companies that think this tool is a burden and they ban these tools in their office network.

I recently received an email in my office mailbox detailing how my company sees Chat GPT and other similar tools. There were so many guidelines expressed in that email and they did mention saying that it is too early to adopt Chat GPT because some of the information provided by Chat GPT is still not accurate and there is no way to validate the information.


Some companies have identified that their employees have been using Chat GPT to complete their jobs. Most of the people who work in Excel tools find Chat GPT amusing because if you give input and ask it for a specific format, it looks like Chat GPT is able to do wonders. From the looks of it, it appears to be a great advantage for completing the work easily, and from the company's perspective, this is also great because people are able to complete their work faster than expected.

The biggest problem with this is the data security. People usually copy and paste client data to these tools and ask the tool to format the data. It is not just Chat GPT but we know so many similar tools available today. The companies see this as a burden because when data is fed to the system, there is a high possibility that the data can be used by competitors or elsewhere. This breaks lots of policies that the company has signed with the clients. This is one of the biggest reasons why Chat GPT or similar tools has been a burden for corporate companies.

Now after a few incidents that happened and when so many questions were raised on this usage, companies have started bringing regulations now that explain why this tool should be completely avoided. I had to read a very big email with all the guidelines on data security and the usage of such AI tools.

In my company, we have a complete ban on these websites. We are strictly not allowed to copy-paste any of the client data or code to these tools online. Even for beautifying the code, we have to use internal software to do it and we shouldn't be copy-pasting the code online to get the code linted or beautified.

I personally see this as a very good measure. This is for the protection of the client's data a company would be handling. At the same time, we can be very confident with the client that their data are safe in our hands. In some of the teams, even the internet connection is not available when they handle client data. They have to log in to a secure gateway that has either restricted internet or no internet at all to do their work. Their local laptops would have internet but data cannot be copied over.

Though this is a burden for the companies, they also think that this is also a technology that shouldn't be missed out and they are looking forward to working with some reputed GPT companies that would give a customized version of GPT that can be hosted in-house and is very secure to use. The future of Google search is anyway going to be GPT that could give precise answers instead of spending hours looking in Google for answers to our questions.

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My guess is that ChatGPT will make managers feel like they are experts because they can easily produce reams of material that seems to be related to the field that they manage.

It is likely to infuriate actual experts as the text spouted by ChatGPT really is just randomly generated noise as it is based on analyzing the language and not only analyzing the subject at hand.


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