Can projectors be the future of televisions?

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There are lots of developments happening in the field of technology in and around us. That's how we got all the gadgets we use almost every day. The mobile phone has become the most integral part of our life. We might need about a minimum of 75 tools and gadgets for our day-to-day needs and our mobile phone has them all. There are also utilities that are high class even though we don't use them in our day-to-day life.

We have a camera with us in hand with which we can take a photograph of almost anything. But we hardly use it. The power backup is also getting better slow and steady. Imagine we have a projector inbuilt into the mobile phone along with the camera we have today. This can become a reality anytime soon. The camera is something that has improved a lot in the last two decades and it has become very small and nobody would have imagined that. I personally believe that the same is going to happen to projectors too.



I think maybe if the power need problem for the projectors is sorted out, they can be made compact and powerful so that everyone can use their own mobile phones as powerful projectors. We used to have strong lights that consumed lots of batteries but after the introduction of LED lights and a major breakthrough in the field of LED, the lights have gone bright with very less energy consumption.

TV can be replaced by projectors

Let's not even worry about bringing projectors inside mobile phones but I was wondering if we would need TV after a few years or not. The projectors are getting cheaper and brighter and more advanced. Maybe projects would replace the current TV we have been using in our homes. All that we might need is a white screen to project the light and make it looks exactly light TV. I'm sure there will be new technologies that would make the vision looks crystal clear to us.

People might think that projectors are older technology but TV is modern technology. But after the advancement we see in the field of projectors, I started getting a feeling that we might lose TV and people can start using projectors instead and it will also be handy to carry with us. If the technology becomes advanced, we might as well have the TV option in the form of a mini projector in our mobile itself. I'm not just sure about the power consumption part alone. Otherwise, it looks promising.

In many cinema theaters, the movie is projected only from a projector room. They don't have any big LED screen that shows the movie for us. So the technology is already available and has been in existence for several years but the question is how can we make it compact and bring it inside our mobile phones.

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Yeah, Indeed. I believe it would eventually evolve into that. Its a very brilliant idea weldone @bala41288 👍.

Maybe you are right or wrong. It is like to say if a laptop screen will be replaced by a projector!

Nice suggestions.
The up coming future technolgy will look into that.
The olden day black TV can do the projector work.
That's what I suggest too.

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Very possible. If there can be a limited a 'depth projection' initiated, where the light would only travel to point 'X' for maximum clarity and resolution? Then yes, can totally see the TV as a relic.

Hmmm good point lets wait for the future

It's no secret that televisions are getting bigger and bigger. But there's a limit to how big a TV can get before it starts to become impractical. That's where projectors come in. With a projector, you can have a massive screen that is completely customizeable to your space. Plus, projectors are a lot more portable than TVs, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

So could projectors be the future of television? It's possible. They offer a lot of advantages over traditional TVs, and as technology continues to improve, projectors will only get better and better.

Yeah absolutey they will be the future!

will be something like a portatil tv

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I think many of us already use projectors as tv's, actually a tv that can project with high quality would be very new. In the meantime I will continue to connect my projector. Thank you very interesting post.